The Cook family goes Castle-ing

Staycation Summer (Part 2)

I’m still wearing a crown, two weeks later.

Ginger Cook
4 min readJul 4, 2023


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Good morrow, peasants.

Most of my readers know my ass is working on a book right now. However, you may not know it mostly takes place at a Castle.

But — yours truly, writing about castles? It doesn’t make any sense. I only write about dongs and dildos and stuff.

It happened sort of like this: I began to form an idea about a character, and I loved it. At the same time, I was perusing my state and surrounding states for mini trips my family could take this summer.

I landed on an amazing castle, booked it immediately, and damnit, I knew it was also the perfect spot for my main character to visit as well.

Two birds, one stone, and all that.

So let me tell you about this castle. My dudes (or my lords, my ladies) — ya gotta be a major nerd to like this place, and thankfully most of my family fits that description. My youngest daughter was iffy about the whole situation but ended up loving it just as much as we did.

Sidenote: we only took the two youngest kids on this journey because there was no way in hell my oldest two would even consider such a trip. Losers.

I had zip idea there was a castle so close to my home, in fact, it’s less than an hour’s drive!

Give me three minutes of your time, loves, and I’ll take you on this mini trip with me.

Let’s explore, sluts ❤

I’m a sucker for Downton Abbey, Reign, and all that good shit, so it was an absolute joy for me to drive up the winding one mile gravel road to Clayshire Castle, AND get to stay here for a few days.

They don’t play around; the owners of the castle are always dressed in medieval clothing and encourage the guests to dress that way as well. There’s a costume room full of the most gorgeous attire.

Breakfast was served in the hall at 9 a.m. sharp, and if you were late they were banging some stick at your door screaming bloody hell into your ears.

ayooooooo breakfast is served!!



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